Deanna Washington


orange shirtI find comfort and joy in Disneyland. Spiritual places are found wherever we look for them, right? Well, for me, that’s Disneyland! I want to share my love for it with you.

I am a graphic designer/art director from an artistic family (for more on my work, see my graphic design page). I worked freelance and for corporate America for 25 years, until 2014, when I hit a crisis.

My oldest son moved away from home, my mother passed away, and menopause hit hard. I was lost in my own life…until art saved me. This year, I’ve launched into a whole new delightful phase of discovering what delights my weird little heart.

I never have just one project going on—there’s a lot in this world that delights me! I’m writing, painting, drawing, creating all the time, and this blog touches on my major loves and lessons.

I’d love to hear about your creations, and your loves. Let’s journey together!

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