My 2018 project: AnimalSpeak

Concept sketches for a 52-part series: Everyday Objects

Building brick by brick

Strategy required

Practice daily to stay calm and cool

The older she got, the more precious time became

Accountability: cleaning out the cobwebs

Hard, but worth it

They said she couldn’t fly, but she knew the wings fit

Not sure if her jar is half full or half empty

Shining light in dark places

Finally knowing what is important

Seat of Power

She WOULD find her way through the red tape

So much to juggle!

She loved the sound of her drum

She knew how to find her happy place

She (and her teddy bear) had this.

Original pencil and watercolor

Meditating Fairy

My pocket fairy finds the car vent


Aventureland fish

You need to Joy more, she said.

Mildred stood tall and proud

Yellow Rose

Purple Poppy

Then one day Mildred lost it

That bee in her bonnet

Time…always time…

Pink Rose

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