Disneyland Wisdom: 45 Life Lessons from the Happiest Rides on Earth

Written and illustrated by Deanna Washington

I am passionate about meaning. I adore finding the hidden meaning in things to bring the new and fresh relevance. I have even started an advice card deck based on ordinary objects, such as the broom, a brick, bubbles, and a goblet.

Consciously adding thought and meaning for me is a part of my mindful living practice. I LOVE the new dimension Disneyland has for me now that I’ve illustrated and written this book, and my hope is that it brings a new level of appreciation—about Disneyland and for yourself—as well.


On the back of the book:
Messages from the Mouse

In addition to the hidden Mickeys scattered throughout Disneyland, there are hidden messages in every major Disney ride, show, and even iconic foods like Dole Whips. These messages are meaningful: they will guide you to a better life.

Deanna Washington has studied the symbolism of Disneyland, and interpreted what she found into 45 motivational lessons. Discover your hidden talents with Dumbo. Let the happy haunts of the Haunted Mansion help you discard the baggage attached to your corruptible mortal state. Find redemption with Pinocchio.

This is your E-ticket to enlightenment!

Theme Park Press, 2017

Disneyland Wisdom

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Dream a Little Dream With Me

This weekly guided journal includes 52 illustrations and thoughts to invoke the dreamer in you. I put this together and printed it for my clients and have it available for you to purchase directly from Blurb.com. There you can see a preview of the book.

“This is a place for dreamers. Welcome, to those of you have forgotten how to dream, as well as to those who can never seem to get your head out of the clouds. Before any small or mighty thing was done or created, there was first a dream. Small and mighty alike are worthy of your focus and your delight.”

Self-published, 2017


Dream a Little Dream

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Checkerboard Time Tool & System: How to get a grip on the insanity of your busy life


One tool.
7 uses.

Change your day 15 minutes at a time.

Change your life 15 minutes a day.

15 minutes to peace of mind.


Coming soon.

Checkerboard cover

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The Language of Gifts: The Essential Guide to Meaningful Gift Giving

This sweet little book was ahead of its time. Eighteen years ago no one else was talking about the the meaning of objects or flowers or gifts. Now you see it everywhere and I’m so glad. The Language of Gifts is out of print but you can still get it on Amazon.com in hardbound or soft cover versions. When you want to give a wish I thought or a blessing along with a present to those you care about, This book guides you quickly and easily to sentiments that express your heart.

Conari Press, 2000

The Language of Gifts cover

Click for link to Amazon.com.

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